Ethical Escapades of Arkane Studio’s Dishonored – Part 2

The second big mission of the game takes players to the “House of Pleasure” which, as you guessed, is a mission that consists of prostitutes and strippers. As Anita Sarkeesian aptly pointed out in her YouTube series Tropes vs Women the only representations of women in Dishonored are as prostitutes, servants or witches (Source). There’sContinue reading “Ethical Escapades of Arkane Studio’s Dishonored – Part 2”

Pitch Time

  Tracy Fullerton describes in Game Design Workshop several ways to effectively communicate ideas in a team setting. One of these ways she describes is a brief description. She does give the caveat that this might not be the most effective way to describe your game design, it is better than no information at all. FullertonContinue reading “Pitch Time”